Empire Storage, LLC and Empire Industrial Park of Spokane Valley, WA have used Walls Construction for the past 10 years for any building project we have had in that time period.The first project was a 135 unit self-storage business located here in the valley. WALLS small, family owned business knows what it takes to march paperwork and planning thru the proper channels, making the process easier for the business owners.The second project was a 7000 square foot industrial building and the 3rd project was another industrial building with 12000 commercial square feet. Project #4 is one final building of 5700 square feet for Walls to build and complete to finish.
Keep in mind, the cities and counties are not getting easier to deal with, but Walls Construction comes thru for us every time!!
I would recommend this company to anybody for any project.

Dave Black, Manager<br />Empire Industrial Park<br />Empire Storage, LLC<br />A.R.Tools & Machinery, Inc.

My first connection with Walls Construction was approximately early part of 1988 when “Al” Walls of Walls Construction was highly recommended as contractor to use in building my new warehouse. Being a novice at this sort of thing, I had to rely on Walls Construction to put my ideas, the county’s and his into place. During this time he handle the permits and changes as needed. This has been a relationship that has lasted over the years.
At first the warehouse was used soley for my business. Later, Walls Construction made changes and additions to the building so that we could lease out additional space. During all this time and to this day we have relied soley on Walls Construction. As times and conditions have changed, Walls Construction never failed to get the job done sometimes under the most adverse conditions. This included working around equipment and schedules of trucking companies. Sometimes this meant working nights and weekends.
During this time frame, Larry Walls had worked for the company and gained the position as manager when Al Walls retired. Larry has been a real asset to the company and has carried on the same reliability and standards as before.
As conditions and time changed, I went into retirement and leased out the whole warehouse. Now it was and is more of a priority than ever for quick response and to have a problem solved fast and efficiently without having to worry. Most of the time it was a phone call by myself or the manager of the leased warehouse.
When we had our bad winter and had extensive water damage to our home it was Walls Construction that tarped our roof and worked with the insurance company on all repairs. When I went in for surgery it was Walls Constructions that made immediate changes in safety issues before I returned home.
Needless to say they have more than filled the needs of a trusted and reliable contractor.
Most Sincerely,

LW 'Bill' Barnes

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